Fundamentals of Model Boat Building
by John Into & Nancy Price

225 x 290mm

Published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd, PA, USA


ISBN 978-0-7643-3105-3

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Extract from back cover of book:

Learn the skills necessary to successfully create an accurate model boat from scratch, including structural elements, paper models, hull features, and mechanical drawings. This book takes the reader through all the steps necessary to create one model boat based on the Annie Buck, an actual Chesapeake Bay "Deadrise" workboat. Based on what readers learn here, they will be able to apply the design techniques and theories to successfully create models of other boats that appeal to them. In fact, the detailed text also explains how to read marine drawings for reference and describes the tools and techniques needed to successfully execute bulkhead and lift building theory. For inspiration, a gallery of finished models includes contemporary and classic boats. This book will prove its worth to modelers everywhere.

About the Authors - John Into and Nancy Price have been together for over thirty years. John has been making models for over forty-five years and started making them professionally in 1993. Nancy joined him professionally in 1999. They live on Maryland's Eastern Shore on the Chesapeake Bay.

Every piece of every model they make is created by themselves and no one else. They believe that being responsible for every facet of the process, whether a model is simple or highly complex, results in consistent high quality.

They can measure a boat, work from photos, and have extensive experience in research so that there is no boat that they cannot recreate, as long as they can get sufficient information about it, or access to it themselves.

Their models are found throughout the world. Among their customers are private individuals, naval architects, and major companies.

Their work takes them to shows throughout the United States, including Lake Tahoe, California, Mt. Dora, Florida, and Clayton, New York.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial



Chapter 1 - Learning to Think Like a Model Maker

Chapter 2 - Model Variations

Chapter 3 - Mind Set

Chapter 4 - The Three Stages of Model Making

Chapter 5 - The Structural Elements of Boats

Chapter 6 - Making a Paper Model

Chapter 7 - Descriptive Features of Boat Hulls

Chapter 8 - Measurement Features of Boat Hulls

Chapter 9 - Understanding Mechanical Drawings

Chapter 10 - Measuring Tools and Techniques

Chapter 11 - About the ANNIE BUCK

Chapter 12 - Building a Three-View Drawing from a Tracing

Chapter 13 - Materials

Chapter 14 - A Discussion About a Few Tools.

Chapter 15 - Split-Hull Model Construction

Chapter 16 - Understanding Lines Drawings

Chapter 17 - How to Measure a Boat

Chapter 18 - -Lift Building Theory

Chapter l 9 - Plank on Bulkhead Theory

Chapter 20 - Gallery