Boat Maintenance
The complete guide to keeping your boat shipshape

190x 230mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing, PA, USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-549-6

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Extract from back cover of book:

Every boat, be it sail or power, wood or fiberglass, stored in the water or on dry land, needs regular maintenance to keep it seaworthy. Proper maintenance can help save money by catching trouble before it starts.

The Essential Guide to Boating: Boat Maintenance will help you, whether you are new to boating or an experienced boat owner, keep your boat in tiptop shape. From repairing scratched and worn hulls and decks, to fixing engines and tightening fittings, every inch of the boat is covered, including the below-deck quarters. This comprehensive guide also features historical details and examples of real-life events related to boat maintenance that illustrate its importance.

Learning to care for this valuable possession is part of the fun of owning one. Whether you plan to DIY or hire help, this book is a great guide to have on-board to ensure many years of boating enjoyment.

Photos: Colour and Black & White

Units of Measurement: Imperial



Chapter 1: Hull Care
- Fiberglass Anatomy
- Cracks and Holes
- Fixing Surface Flaws
- Patching a Puncture
- Repairing Delamination
- Fashioning a Brace
- Damage to Ferro-Cement
- Minor Wounds
- Major Breaks
- Assaults on Aluminium
- Dents and Popped Rivets
- Mending a Tear
- An Invisible Menace
- The Demands of Wood
- A Twist in Time
- Recaulking Seams
- Sealing a Deck
- A Masterly Repair

Chapter 2: Painting
- Picking a Finish
- The Science of Sanding
- Stripping Down
- Toward the Perfect Coat
- Boot Tops and Bottoms
- The Beauty of Brightwork
- What's in a Name

Chapter 3: Engine Upkeep
- The Accessible Outboard
- The Ills of Spark Plugs
- Flushing an Engine
- A Lubrication Program
- The Gasoline Inboard
- Replacing Filters
- Adjusting Belts
- Distributor Care
- Changing Oil and Filters
- The Sturdy Diesel
- Filters for Diesel Fuel
- Caring for the Control Systems
- Simple Rudder Maintenance
- Sailboat Steering Wheels
- Powerboat Steering Gear
- Propulsion Regulators

Chapter 4: Below decks
- Electric Power Afloat
- Installing New Gear
- Ample Current
- Tending the Battery
- Internal Water Systems
- The Indispensable Pump
- How the Head Works
- Fresh Air Below

Chapter 5: Fittings
- Inventory on Deck
- Tired Hardware
- Keeping Things Tight
- How to Service a Winch
- Buttoning Up a Boat
- Upkeep Afloat
- Spars and Rigging
- A Boost Up the Mast
- Repairs on Sails
- Sewing a Sturdy Patch
- Stowing Sails

Chapter 6: Winterizing
- Laying Up
- Supports and Covers