The Woodworker's Illustrated Encylopedia
by Graham McCulloch

180 x 255mm

Published by Popular Woodworking Books, Ohio USA


ISBN 978-1-55870-834-1

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Extract from back cover of book:

Auger, buck saw, corbel, wane and zud. These are only a few of the thousands of words that every woodworker (new to the hobby, or experienced) will encounter during their woodworking education. The concepts cross tree species, architectural features, furniture components, tools and more. Without the proper guide you can quickly become frustrated. This illustrated encyclopedia will quickly answer your questions with not only words but full-color photos and illustrations. More than a valuable reference tool, The Woodworker's Illustrated Encyclopedia also offers an education in woodworking just by flipping through the pages. The Woodworker's Illustrated Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive book for woodworkers with an unparalleled visual and verbal depth of knowledge - a solid reference book for every woodworker.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial