Home Workshops Hints and Tips
Edited by Vic Smeed

Published by Special Interest Model Books Ltd, Dorset England

150 x 210mm


ISBN 978-185486-145-0

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Extract from back cover of book:

Since 1898, Model Engineer magazine, originally weekly but more recently twice each month, has proved a remarkable source of knowledge for all manner of engineering practices. Its readership has always included many highly experienced engineers, some of considerable eminence, who have answered queries and contributed valuable information in order that everyone enjoying the construction and use of machines should be able to extend his scope and skills. The answer to virtually any engineering problem can be found somewhere in its pages, it is said.

Many of the most helpful nuggets of knowledge have appeared in brief notes or articles, often many years ago, and have never been republished. This book offers a selection of useful hints and tips culled from wide time-scale of the magazine but as relevent today as when they were first printed. They may serve the reader time and possibly money: certainly they will interest and instruct anyone who works with metal.

Photos: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Imperial



SECTION 1 - Lathes and Lathework
Removable Nose for a Mandrel
Centre with Tool-setting Peg
Divider for a Portass
Cutting Metric Threads
Forming and Finishing a Screwthread
Cutting Square Threads
Lathe Carrier
Lathe Centre Gauge and Scriber
Sensitive Drilling Attachment
Boring and Facing Tools
Collet Chucks
Second Operation Set-ups
Boring Recesses
Lathe Toolposts
A High Speed Turning Hint
A Simple Lead Screw Chip Guard
Clasp Nut Engagement Stop
Simple Tool
Improvised Steady
Screwcutting B.A. Threads
Setting Lathe to Turn Parallel
How to Plane Small Gears
A Centre-spacing Punching Tool
Boring Bar Attachment
Turning and Boring Phosphor Bronze
Query - Form Tool of Complicated Shape
Curing the "Incurable Chuck"
Tightening Adjusting Screws on Cross Slides of Small Lathes
Cutting Multi-thread Screws
Query - Knurling Troubles
Twisted Rods
A Chuck for Small Screws
Overcoming the Deficiencies of Inaccurate Machine Tools
Making Screws

SECTION 2 - Benchwork
Hints on Filing
File Cleaning
The Art of Drilling Holes
Winding Small Springs
Prevent of Noise
Small Bends, Sets and Joggles
Adjustable Wire-bending Tool
Winding Helicsl Springs
Working Pipes and Tubes
Mandrel for Cutting Rings from Thin Tubing
Adjustable Jig for Drilling Round Stock
Handling Small Nuts
Fixing Small Rivets
A Simple Marking Gauge
Toolmaker's Cramps
Gear Wheel Repairs
Chisels from Needle Files
Vee Supports
Vice to Set Small Studs
Cultivating Caliper Accuracy
Wood Lathe Bow Nuts
Sharpening Small Twist Drills
Drilling Hexagonal Holes
Query - Holes in Thin Sheet Metal
Square-ending a Drilled Hole
Straightedge and Surface Plate
Query - Scraping Planed Plates
Non-slip Tap Wrench
To Save Broken Taps
Simple Tap Wrench
Tap Grinding and Binding
Lubricants for Tapping
Some Causes of Taps Breaking
Cross-drilling Shafts in Vice
Hacksaw and Scratch Brush Hints
Uses for Powdered Graphite
Drilling Laminations
A Handy Drilling Jig for Joint Pins, Round Bars, etc.
Removing Broken Taps and Drills from Castings
A Simple Hole-chamfering Tool
Holding Hacksaw Blade for Depth Slotting

SECTION 3 - Machine Tools and Accessories
Spigot Cutter for Shouldering Rods
Tip from Canada
Small Bench Grinder
A Tip in Grinding Copper
Safety Washer for Grinding-wheel Spindle Nut
Freehand Grinding
Oiling Lathes and Machine Tools
Jointing Band Saw Blades
Query - Drilling Machine Chatter
Gripping Slips for the Machine Vice
Simple Belt Tensioning Device
Belt Dressings

SECTION - Electrical
Electrical Heating Elements
Query - Motor Trouble
Query - Running Cable to Workshop Motor
Query - Pressure-operated Switch
Query - Dynamo Not Working After Repair
Query - Wrong Direction
Query - Small Solenoids
Query - Horsepower of Motor

SECTION 5 - Miscellaneous
Safety in the Workshop
Chemical Colouring of Metals
What Metal Is It?
Making Oilcans
Make Your Own Modelling Clay
Query - Sand for Moulding
Hand Cream
Metric System
A Simple Forge
A Simple Furnace
Casting Aluminium Alloys
Melting Aluminium
Measurement of High Temperatures
Low-temperature Solders
Query - Glass Grinding
Query - Marking Steel Tools
xtracting a Tight Pinion
Query - Etching Brass
A Simple Method of Making Clock Hands
Making and Using Case-Hardening Compound
A Home Made Lubricant
Planishing Sheet Metal