Basic Benchwork
by Les Oldridge

Published by Special Interest Model Books Ltd, Dorset England

150 x 210mm


ISBN 0-85242-920-7

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Extract from back cover of book:

A considerable amount of engineering work takes place on the bench, using hand tools and techniques which are second nature to those who earn their living in an engineering environment; they probably learned at a technical college, as an apprentice, or possibly by the example of older and more experienced workmates.

The amateur engineer or hobbyist may not have enjoyed such advantages and, for example, may break a lot of hacksaw blades because he has not been shown how to use the saw or what sort of blades he should be using. This book sets out to cover all the normal bench processes in a simple but informative manner which should help all who have come to enjoy working with metals but whose education did not include a grounding in the basics of engineering benchwork.

Photos: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Imperial


Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Materials

Chapter 3 - Reading engineering drawings

Chapter 4 - Hacksaws

Chapter 5 - Files and filing

Chapter 6 - Hammers, chisels and punches

Chapter 7 - Scrapers and scraping

Chapter 8 - Measuring

Chapter 9 - Marking out

Chapter 10 - Drills and reamers

Chapter 11 - Screwed fastenings, spanners, screwdrivers and pliers

Chapter 12 - Taps and dies

Chapter 13 - Riveting

Chapter 14 - Soft soldering

Chapter 15 - Silver soldering, brazing, bronze welding and engineering adhesives

Chapter 16 - Welding

Chapter 17 - Hardening and tempering tools

Chapter 18 - Keys, keyways, splines, collars and shafts

Chapter 19 - Sheet metalwork