Model Engineers' Workshop Projects
by Harold Hall

Published by Special Interest Model Books Ltd, Dorset England

150 x 210mm


ISBN 978-185486-248-6


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Extract from back cover of book:

This collection of 18 unique projects for home workshop equipment enables the model engineer to create useful and even essential items that cannot be purchased commercially, including an auxilliary workbench, tap holders, distance and height gauges, a lathe back stop, a tailstock die-holder, faceplate clamps, collets, DTI accessories, sash clamps, low profile clamps and a tapping stand.

Each project is designed to make the model engineer's task in hand easier than it would have been had the items not been made.

About the Author - Harold Hall is a former editor of the enthusiasts' magazine Model Engineer's Workshop, within whose pages all of these projects were originally featured.

Photos: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Metric



Chapter 1 - An Auxiliary Bench

Chapter 2 - Tapping Guides

Chapter 3 - Guided Die Holder

Chapter 4 - Large Tap Wrench

Chapter 5 - Distance Gauges

Chapter 6 - Lathe Tool Height Gauge

Chapter 7 - Lathe Back Stop

Chapter 8 - Tailstock Die Holders

Chapter 9 - Face Plate and Angle Plate Clamps

Chapter 10 - Lathe Collets

Chapter 11 - Thin Piece Collets

Chapter 12 - Dial Test Indicator Accessories

Chapter 13 - Faceplate Balancing Fixture

Chapter 14 - Low Profile Clamps

Chapter 15 - Engineers Sash Clamps

Chapter 16 - Tapping Stand