The Mini-Lathe
by David Fenner

150 x 210mm

Published by Special Interest Model Books Ltd, Dorset England


ISBN 978-0185486-254-9


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Extract from back cover of book:

The Mini-Lathe has become the best-selling item of machinery in the hobby engineering market - often purchased as a first step by beginners to the hobby. For many years Myford lathes were considered as "standard issue" for model engineers, but at one-twentieth of the price of a new Myford, these new Mini-Lathes set the benchmark for the future.

This book is a complete course on using and improving this new generation of budget lathes. It explains everything from setting up and 'tuning" the machine for best performance to using accessories and carrying out tasks.

Photos: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Metric


Chapter 1 - Safety

Chapter 2 - Preparing the Lathe

Chapter 3 - Tooling, Materials and Geometry

Chapter 4 - Getting Started, Tooling Up

Chapter 5 - Gear Cover and Headstock Dividing Attachment

Chapter 6 - Modifications for Milling

Chapter 7 - Improving Rigidity and Making a Part Off Tool

Chapter 8 - Guided Centre Punch, Filing Rest; Use of Steadies and Chuck Depth Stop

Chapter 9 - Toolpost Powered Spindle, Saw Table and Grinding Rest

Chapter 10 - DRO Handwheels and a Radius Turning Attachment, Fitting Taper Roller Bearings