Wood & How to Dry It
by Fine Woodworking

210 x 280mm

Published by The Taunton Press, Connecticut, USA.


ISBN 978-0-91880-454-9

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Extract from back cover of book:

It pays to know about wood. Once you learn how to dry it, you can buy it direct from the sawmill and cut your costs considerably. (You can save even more by milling your own lumber with a chainsaw.) And of course the more you know about the nature of the wood you use, the better your own work will be. Which species are good for which jobs, how is hardwood graded, how can you design joints that will accommodate wood's seasonal swelling and shrinking? In 41 articles reprinted from Fine Woodworking magazine, experts in the field tell you what you want to know about the raw material of your craft.

Photos: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Imperial


Water and Wood
Questions & Answers
Getting Lumber
Chain-saw Lumbering
Rip Chain
New Machines Turn Logs to Boards
Chainsaw Lumbermaking
Woodlot Management
Tree Quality
The State of the Forests
Logging with a Horse
The Trade in Exotic Hardwoods
Whither Rosewood?
Storing Precious Scraps
Wood Identification at FPL
Hardwood Lumber Grades
A Grader in Action
Quartersawn Lumber
What Does "Grain" Really Mean?
Spalted Wood
Abnormal Wood
Black Light Makes Some Woods Glow
Two Neglected Woods
The Great American Pines
The Three Groups of Pine Lumber
Packing Out Perfume
Black Walnut Woes
In a Nutshell
Stalking Mesquite
Drying Wood
Air-Drying Lumber
A Barn for Air-Drying Lumber
Alternative Wood-Drying Technologies
Questions & Answers
Measuring Moisture
A Dehumidifier Kiln
Don't Let That Dry Look Fool You
Dry Kiln
Shop-Built Moisture Meter
Gauging Wood Movement
Solar Kiln