Marquetry & Veneer
from Fine Woodworking

210 x 280mm

Published by The Taunton Press, Connecticut, USA.


ISBN 978-0-918804-74-4

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Extract from back cover of book:

Beautiful wood is precious and has to be used sparingly. Hence the art of veneering, in which rare woods are sliced or sawn into thin leaves and then glued onto a substructure of more common material. The allied art of marquetry consists of making pictures often to adorn elegant, veneered furniture from a palette of colorful wood veneers.

In this collection of 38 articles from Fine Woodworking magazine, skilled craftsmen explain how veneer is manufactured and how you can saw your own. They show you how to lay it using simple equipment and how to design furniture based on veneer panels. And they demonstrate the methods of marquetry, paying particular attention to shop-built saws for cutting the most intricate details.

Since it began publication in 1975, Fine Woodworking has written about practically every aspect of the craft. The "Fine Woodworking on..." series organizes many of the articles from the magazine's first ten years into individual volumes by subject. Each book in this series offers an in-depth look at a particular aspect of woodworking, from the perspective of skilled professional and dedicated amateur woodworkers.

Photos: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Imperial


Knife Checks in Veneer
Bandsaw Your Own Veneer
Getting on the Good Side of Veneer
Laying Veneer
Bench-Pressing Veneer
Inventing Marquetry
Designing with Veneers
Hammer Veneering
Tips on Veneering
Oyster-Shell Veneering
Patch-Pad Cutting
Marquetry Cutting
Marquetry with Flexible Veneers
Cutting Corners
Marquetry on Furniture
Finishing Marquetry
Patchwork Marquetry
Jigs Speed Veneer-Cutting
Marquetry Mystery
Geometric Marquetry
An Eye on Marquetry in 1983
Winners from the 1983 British Marquetry Show
Marquetry in 1975
Perspective in Marquetry
Basic Rules of Perspective
How Inlay Is Made
Routing for Inlays
Improving the Fretsaw
Motor Makes Fretsawing Fly
Inlaying Mother-of-Pearl
Sources of Supply for Mother-of-Pearl and Abalone
Inlaid Lap Desk
A Jigsaw for Cutting Delicate Stock
Laying Plastic Laminates
Tricks, Tips, Cores and New Products