Classic Arts & Crafts Furniture
14 Timeless Designs
by Robert W. Lang

210 x 275mm

Published by Popular Woodworking Books, Ohio USA


ISBN 978-1-4403-02959-3

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Arts & Crafts Buffet

Stickley Music Cabinet

Arts & Crafts Bridal Chest

Byrdcliffe Linen Press

Greene & Greene Medicine Cabinet

Craftsman Bookcase


Extract from back cover of book:

Beautiful fumed oak. Rich cherry wood. Ebony accents. These are the hallmarks of the finest Arts & Crafts furniture. And they're the features you'll find in the 14 elegant woodworking projects in this book.

Author Bob Lang, well known for his meticulously detailed shop drawings of Arts & Crafts furniture, shows you how to go beyond drawings to create timeless designs in the style of Gustav Stickley, Greene & Greene and more. From a desktop bookrack to hall tables, easy chairs and beyond, you'll find projects for just about every room in your home. And Bob has provided thorough, step-by-step instructions, clear illustrations and high-quality photographs to help you build each one.

About the Author - Bob Lang is the executive editor for Popular Woodworking Magazine. He grew up in northeastern Ohio and has been a professional woodworker since the early 1970s. Over that time he has built custom furniture and cabinets, as well as managing and engineering large architectural millwork projects. He is the author of several "Shop Drawings" books about furniture and interiors of the Arts & Crafts Movement of the early 1900s.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial



Project One - Arts & Crafts Buffet
Project Two - Stickley Music Cabinet
- Further: Jig for Through Moritse
- Further: Reinforcing the Indestructible
- Further: When ABC Joinery Becomes Decoration
Project Three - Arts & Crafts Bridal Chest
Project Four - Byrdcliffe Linen Press
Project Five - Greene & Greene Medicine Cabinet

Book Storage
Project Six - Craftsman Bookcase
Project Seven - Stickley Book Rack
- Further: Authentic Stickley Finish
Project Eight - Harvey Ellis Bookcase
Project Nine - Tusk Tenon Bookrack

Tables & Chairs
Project Ten - Greene & Greene Sideboard
Project Eleven - Lost Stickley Side Table
- Further: Slanted View of Moritses
Project Twelve - Stickley Poppy Table
- Further: Living on the Edge
- Further: Hand Tools/Power Tools
Project Thirteen - Gustav Stickley Morris Chair
- Further: Matching Mortise Size

Project Fourteen - Greene & Greene Frame
- In the Greene & Greene Style
- Further: Coping With Curves
- Further: 3-Ways to an Arts & Crafts Finish

Stickley Book Rack

Harvey Ellis Bookcase

Tusk Tenon Bookrack

Greene & Greene Sideboard


Lost Stickley Side Table

Stickley Poppy Table

Gustav Stickley Morris Chair

Greene & Greene Frame