Shaker Furniture
12 Timeless Woodworking Projects

190 x 230mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc., East Petersburg PA USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-467-3

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Enfield Side Chair

Shaker Rocking Chair

Meetinghouse Bench

Trestle Table

Drop-Leaf Table


Extract from back cover of book:

Widely admired for its clean lines, simple beauty, and long-lasting quality, Shaker furniture has stood the test of time in form and function. It remains a fundamental and popular style that most woodworkers aspire to build in their lifetime.

As part of the Built to Last Project Series, Shaker Furniture delves into this traditional style with 12 enduring projects such as the Enfield side chair, a meeting house bench, a trestle table, and a pie safe. Also included are smaller and equally classic Shaker projects such as a wall clock, step stool, pegboard, and oval boxes.

Step-by-step instructions, accompanied by crisp drawings detailing every piece of the project and how it all goes together, will guide you in building from the plans as well as developing your skill at designing Shaker-style projects of your own.

BUILT to LAST Series - The Built to Last Series features the fundamental furniture and cabinet projects that are at the core of woodworkiog. These projects become a benchmark of knowledge as a woodworker starts with the basics, builds experience, and moves to more ambitious challenges. Before long, an accomplished woodworker is proudly furnishing a home with handmade furniture that is passed to the next generation with pride.

Photos & Illustrations: Colour



Chapter 1 - Shaker Design
- A Gallery of Shaker Furniture

Chapter 2 - Chairs
- Enfield Side Chair
- Shaker Rocking Chair
- Meetinghouse Bench

Chapter 3 - Tables
- Trestle Table
- Drop-Leaf Table
- Candle Stand

Chapter 4 - Pie Safe
- Anatomy of a Pie Safe
- Making the Casework Frames
- Raising the Panels
- Assembling the Safe
- Shelving
- Tin-Panel Doors

Chapter 5 - Shaker Classics
- Wall Clock
- Step Stool
- Shaker Boxes
- Pegboard


Candle Stand

Pie Safe

Wall Clock

Step Stool

Shaker Boxes