Building Real Furniture for Everyday Life
14 Projects you can make in a day
by Chris Gleason

215 x 280mm

Published by Popular Woodworking Books, Ohio USA


ISBN 1-55870-760-3

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Blanket Chest

Mobile File Cabinet



Wall Cabinet

Computer Desk


Extract from back cover of book:

Break down the barriers that stop you from building the furniture you need. Even if you're short on tools, time or money, you can make practical, sturdy and cool stuff with the help of Chris Gleason a maverick professional cabinetmaker with a sharp eye for design and little patience for fussy, ornate period furniture.

Armed with his revolutionary techniques, you'll learn how to build the sleek and modern furniture found in highclass furniture galleries. And you'll do it without a shop full of tools or even a shop at all! All it takes are some inexpensive portable power tools and a place to work, like your garage or driveway.

- Build a curved-side armoire in one day for less than $20!

- Construct a blanket chest with a stylish angled base for only $40.

- Make expandable hanging shelves for DVDs and CDs in only an hour.

Building Real Furniture for Everyday Life lets you sidestep intimidating traditional furniture techniques and build sensible furniture on a budget. All you need is a place to work, a place to put the finished pieces and the plans in this book.

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Green Design
Finishing 101

Project 1: Blanket Chest

Project 2: Mobile File Cabinet

Project 3: Dresser

Project 4: Armoire

Project 5: Wall Cabinet

Project 6: Computer Desk

Project 7: Wastebasket

Project 8: Clothes Hamper

Project 9: TV Stand

Project 10: Media Storage Rack

Project 11: Danish Modern Coffee Table

Project 12: Table Lamp

Project 13: Nightstand

Project 14: Clearly Superior Bookcase



Clothes Hamper

TV Stand

Media Storage Rack

Danish Modern Coffee Table

Table Lamp


Clearly Superior Bookcase