Building Drawers DVD
by Andy Rae

Published by Taunton Press, USA


ISBN 978-1-60085-098-1

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Extract from back cover of DVD:

Well-designed and carefully built drawers transform a good cabinet into a great one. Andy Rae shows precise details about building several different types of drawers. Learn the process from design and construction to fitting and finishing.

In this DVD, see how to:
- Derive exacl proportions
- Build a rabbet-and-dado drawer
- Make an applied-front drawer
- Build a dovetailed drawer
- Assemble and fit a drawer
- Install slides and runners

About the Author: Andy Rae is the author of Building Doors and Drawers (Taunton, 2007) and The Complete lllustrated Guide to Furniture and Cabinet Construction (Taunton, 2007). He owns/operates his own woodworking business in Asheville, North Carolina, where he also teaches and writes about woodworking.

Duration: 70min

DVD - English - NTSC