Build a Shaker Table - DVD
with Kelly Mehler

Published by Taunton Press, USA
Originally published in VHS format in 1989


ISBN 1-56158-705-2

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Extract from back cover of dvd:

Kelly Mehler shows how to build your Shaker-style dining table step-by-step, from selecting the wood to final detailing.

In this DVD you'll see how to:
- Choose stock for pleasing grain match
- Joint and glue up the top
- Taper the legs on the jointer
- Cut the leg mortises with a router
- Fit the joints and glue the base
- Size and smooth the top
- Pin the tenons with square pegs

About the Author - Kelly Mehler, author of The Table Saw Book, has been building Shaker-style furniture professionally for over 25 years.

Duration: 76min

DVD - English - NTSC