Refacing Cabinets
Making an Old Kitchen New

by Herrick Kimball

205 x 255mm

Published by The Taunton Press, Connecticut, USA.


ISBN 1-56158-197-6

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Extract from back cover of book:

You no longer need to buy new cabinets to create a beautiful new kitchen. Cabinet refacing is cost-effective, and requires less time and mess than a total kitchen remodel, yet the results can be just as good as or better than building new cabinets. In this book, remodeling professional Herrick Kimball shows you how to transform your outdated kitchen into your dream kitchen using wood veneer and new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Add a new countertop and a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and you have a completely new look.

The process of refacing is simple: Remove the old cabinet doors and drawer fronts, repair and make modifications to existing cabinets, apply wood veneer or plastic laminate to the face frames, and install new doors and drawer fronts. However, there are many tricks to achieving top-quality results. The techniques described in this book will allow anyone with basic woodworking skills to redo an existing kitchen at a fraction of the cost of replacing all the cabinets. This book also provides an invaluable resource for remodeling professionals who want to get involved in one of the fastest-growing segments of the kitchen remodeling marketplace.

Everything you need to know to do professional-quality cabinet refacing is in this book. You'll learn how to:
- do top-quality work with only basic skills
- choose the right wood and door styles for any taste and budget
- make minor cabinet modifirations for a more efficient kitchen
- avoid costly mistakes when ordering materials
- veneer your face frames so they look like solid wood
- find sources for the materials and tools you'll need to do the work

About The Author - Herrick Kimball is a kitchen remodeling contractor in Moravia, New York. He is a frequent contributor to Fine Homebuilding magazine.

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Cabinet Style

Reface Remodeling for Efficiency

Measuring for Doors and Drawer Fronts

Ordering Materials

Preparing for Refacing

Veneering Face Frames

Refacing with Plastic Laminate

Putting It All Together

Further Reading