Greene & Greene
Design Elements for the Workshop
by Darrell Peart

215 x 280mm

Published by Linden Publishing, Fresno, CA USA


ISBN 0-94193696-1

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Extract from back cover of book:

Greene & Greene furniture is famous for its refined details and striking design. Yet craftsmen have had difficulty replicating these marvelous pieces due to their rarity. Greene & Greene: Design Elements for the Workshop is the solution furniture makers have been looking for.

Author Darrell Peart provides the reader with a series of well-illustrated, step-by-step projects that faithfully reproduce the essential, distinctive Greene & Greene details. Armed with this book, the intermediate or advanced woodworker will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to tackle complex Greene & Greene pieces, and perhaps eventually develop a style of their own.

- Explicit guidance on creating classic Greene & Greene details such as ebony plugs, cloudlifts, leg indents, brackets and pulls

- Over 200 photographs and drawings

- Pictures of Greene & Greene-inspired designs created by contemporary craftsmen

- Background information on Charles and Henry Greene

About the Author: Darrell Peart has an extensive background in both commercial and custom furniture making. After starting his woodworking career in high-end furniture shops, he discovered the American Arts and Crafts Movement in 1989, and was soon captivated by the works of Charles and Henry Greene. Darrell resides in Renton, Washington, USA. His work may be viewed at his website

Photos and Illustrations: Colour

Units of Measurement: Metric



Greene &Greene: History and Influences
Chapter 1. Charles and Henry Greene
Chapter 2. Pasadena
Chapter 3. Peter and John Hall
Chapter 4. A Divine Collaboration: The Greenes and the Halls Chapter 5. The Later Years: The Greenes and the Halls
Chapter 6. Gustav Stickley and Greene and Greene

Projects for the Workshop:
Producing Your Own Greene & Greene Details

Chapter 7. The Greene and Green Details
Chapter 8. Blacker Leg Indent Detail
Chapter 9. Blacker Brackets
Chapter 10. The Cloud Lift Detail
Chapter 11. The Ebony Plugs
Chapter 12. The Relief Detail
Chapter 13. Breadboard Construction with Exposed Ebony Spline Chapter 14. Pulls and Hardware
Chapter 15. Proud Finger Jointed Drawers
Chapter 16. Greene and Greene Finishing

Greene & Greene Today:
Interpretations by Modern Craftsmen

Chapter 17. Greene and Greene: Striking Out On Your Own! Chapter 18. Arnold d'Epagnier, Furniture Designer
Chapter 19. Thomas Stangeland, Artist and Craftsman
Chapter 20. Darrell Peart, Furniture Maker
Chapter 21. Furniture Drawings Resources