Whittling & Woodcarving
by E.J. Tangerman

140 x 205mm

Published by Dover Publications, New York


ISBN 0-486-20965-2

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Extract from back cover of book:

Throughout the ages one of the most popular ways to utilise the creative urge has been whittling or woodcarving. In this volume Mr. Tangerman, one of America's foremost authorities and craftsmen, whose articles in craft magazines have taught and inspired millions, presents a full and thorough introduction to this entertaining art form. With this book which is one of the few works that bridge the gap between whittling and serious carving, a beginner who is moderately handy can whittle or carve scores of useful objects, toys for children, gifts, or simply pass hours at applying his ingenuity to wood.

Beginning with a history of whittling and woodcarving, the book progresses gradually and easily. The first chapters supply background information on different woods, their proper selection and possible uses, selection and care of knives, and ways of using tools, including grips, types of strokes and cuts, and simple exercises. The following chapters cover: rustic work, flat toys and windmills, puzzles, chains, nested spheres, fans, joints, modeling ships in bottles, and caricatures. The second half of the book covers carving proper and describes: simple lines, woodcuts, low relief, pierced designs, sculpture in the round, inlay and marquetry, lettering, indoor and outdoor decorations, and styles. The final chapter describes finishing, repairs and the care of tools. The wide range of illustrations includes both hundreds of beautiful wood objects from the great art of the world and hundreds of modern projects, many of which are contest winners.

"Mr. Tangerman guides actual working, but his tone of direct address, such as a teacher would use in speaking to a pupil or a class of intelligent pupils, makes it easy as well as instructive reading,"
New York Herald Tribune Books.

"A fascinating book, giving many suggestions of what to make and how to make it, ranging from simple things to intricate ones,"
Horn Book Magazine.

Photos: Colour and Black & White



Introduction: History - Backgrounds

Chapter 1: Woods - Which and Where

Chapter 2: Knives - Selection and Care

Chapter 3: Simple - To Whittle

Chapter 4: Rustic - Field and Camp

Chapter 5: Silhouettes - Flat Toys and Windmills

Chapter 6: Puzzles - Simple and Difficult

Chapter 7: Chains - Plane and Fancy

Chapter 8: Ball-In-A-Cage - Nested Spheres

Chapter 9: Fans - Plain and Shaped

Chapter 10: Joints - Hinge and Pivot

Chapter 11: Models - Ships, Planes, Camps

Chapter 12: In Bottles - Ships, Fans, etc

Chapter 13: Caricatures - Birds and Animals

Chapter 14: Caricatures - People

Chapter 15: Other Materials - Soap, Ivory, Bone, Plastics, Celluloid

Chapter 16: Other Tools- Also Chip Carving

Chapter 17: Carving Tools - And Auxiliaries

Chapter 18: Surfaces - Simple Lines, Woodcuts

Chapter 19: Low Relief - Diapers, Modeling

Chapter 20: High Relief - Pierced Designs

Chapter 21: In The Round - Wood Sculpture

Chapter 22: Intaglio - Inlay and Marquetry

Chapter 23: Lettering - Alphabets

Chapter 24: Decoration - Outdoor, Indoor, Styles

Chapter 25: Finishing - Repairing

Appendix: Sharpening - Stones, Slips, Strops