Chip Carving

with Wayne Barton

Published by Taunton Press, USA
Originally published in VHS format in 1986


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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 132

Wayne Barton's Chip Carving is a DVD version of two earlier videos - one is an introduction to chip carving, the other covers more advanced designs.

Chip carving is attractive, requires only one tool (a specially designed cutting knife) and the basics are relatively quick to master. It's one of the easiest forms of carving to learn and can be applied to most wooden items, from boxes and bowls to furniture and plaques. While chip carving is best known for its geometric designs, the same tool and cutting techniques can be applied to free-form incised carving and carved lettering.

There are only two different cutting actions in the Swiss style of chip carving and Wayne begins by applying these to remove three corner chips in a series of border designs including positive and negative diamonds, zig-zags and flowers. The cutting action automatically forms the required chip.

The next level of expertise involves two and three corner chips where the carver varies the width and/or depth of cut as they move the knife along. This is required to form lace borders, the 12-point rosette and the free-form floral emblem described in the next three chapters.

In addition to detailing the cuts required, the DVD also shows how to mark out and draw the various designs. Basswood is used but most of the softer carving timbers would be suitable.

In the second half of the DVD Wayne covers the cutting of a swirl rosette and Gothic patterns in both rosettes and borders. The free-form pattern is a tulip.

A few letters and a number are cut in the Roman and Old English styles to illustrate the types of cuts required to form any letter or number and the DVD finishes with the carving of a monogram.

For the cost of a DVD and a chip cutting knife, you can start carving. It's an offer too good to pass up.

About the Author: Wayne Barton, a master of the Swiss style of chip carving, has taken first place in very carving competition he has entered. He operates the Alpine School of Woodcarving in Park Ridge, Illinios, USA.

Duration: 55min

DVD - English - NTSC