Chip Carvers Workbook
Teach Yourself with 7 Easy and Decorative Projects

by Dennis Moor

215 x 280mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co Inc


ISBN 1-56523-257-7

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Extract from back cover of book:

Carving Beautiful Designs in Wood is Easier Than You Think!

Chip carving - a simple method of woodcarving in which knives are used to remove selected "chips" of wood in a single piece - has a long and respected history as a decorative art form. In Chip Carver's Workbook, noted chip carver and instructor Dennis Moor will introduce you to this timeless craft that is easy to learn and produces beautiful, ornate results. In his engaging and accessible teaching style, Dennis Moor outlines the basics of wood selection, tools and sharpening, layout, lettering, and finishing while instructing you on the techniques that will have you decorating household items and creating artistic pieces in a variety of designs.

Seven enjoyable and useful projects are perfect for practicing your techniques as you master this classic art form:
- Napkin Holder
- Plant Box
- Letter Holder
- Trinket Box
- Tissue Box Holder
- Mailbox
- Cheese and Cracker Tray

Chip Carver's Workbook also contains an inspiring photo gallery of finished pieces plus a comprehensive listing of supply sources.

Photos: Colour


About the Author

Chapter 1: Choosing the Wood

Chapter 2: The Tools

Chapter 3: Sharpening

Chapter 4: How to Hold the Knives

Chapter 5: Three Main Chip Shapes

Chapter 6: Standard-Sized Borders

Chapter 7: Large-Width Borders

Chapter 8: Curved Borders

Chapter 9: Grids

Chapter 10: Rosettes

Chapter 11: Layout and Design

Chapter 12: Getting the Pattern onto the Wood

Chapter 13: Lettering

Chapter 14: Finishing

Chapter 15: The Projects
Project 1: Napkin Holder
Project 2: Plant Box
Project 3: Letter Holder
Project 4: Trinket Box
Project 5: Tissue Box Holder
Project 6: Mailbox
Project 7: Cheese and Cracker Tray

Sources of Supply