Tom Wolfe Carves Dragons
by Tom Wolfe

215 x 280mm

Published by Schiffer Publishing, West Chester, Pennsylvania USA


ISBN 0-88740-576-2

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 127

Ever since the earliest gargoyles, dragons have been a popular figure for carving and they have been sculpted in all materials from stone and bronze to wood and resin. However, very little has been published on carving a dragon. Tom Wolfe Carves Dragons goes some way to redressing the situation.

In the book Tom Wolfe carves a single dragon step-by-step in a comprehensive series of photographs (over 200 on the carving process alone). Captions below the photographs explain the work in progress.

After the design is done, the outline is cut on a bandsaw. The main forms of the neck, body and tail are shaped before the head is carved. The wings are made as separate pieces and are only joined to the body when all three components have been fully detailed.

While traditional hand carving tools are used for the roughing out, Tom swaps to a motor tool (Dremel or similar) for the detailed work. In addition to forming the spine, talons, eyes, etc, Tom also textures the wood to create scales and muscular features.

After the dragon and its base are complete, Tom shows how to paint the carving, again using a series of photographs. The remainder of the book is a gallery of carved dragons. There are patterns for four dragons, including the one carved step-by-step.

Tom Wolfe's book will get you started with your first dragon and give you plenty of inspiration for carving many more.

Photos: Colour and Black & White



Carving The Dragon


Painting The Dragon

The Gallery