Carving the Circus
Cartooning in Wood by America's Top Carvers
presented by the Caricature Carvers of America

215 x 280mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc., East Petersburg PA USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-094-9

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Extract from back cover of book:

Join the Character Carvers of America as they offer you a front row seat under the big top. Here in the pages of this book, you'll get an insider's look at the CCA's latest and most ambitious project to date - the CCA Circus. A stunning piece of cooperative artwork, the CCA Circus combines the creative talent and craftsmanship of 23 of the best-known names in caricature carving. The book features short essays and carving tips from each carver as they detail the creation of their favourite pieces from conception through finishing.

Man-eating tigers, bumbling clowns, beautiful acrobats, popcorn venders... They're all here under the CCA big top.

Photos: Colour


An Introduction To This Book
Caricature Carvers of America
The Origin of the CCA Circus


- That’s Some Zebra by Gary Batte
- Hang Tight by Bob Travis
- Caught by Harley Schmitgen
- Harley Schmitgen
- Safety Net by Cleve Taylor
- The Juggler by Claude Bolton
- Claude Bolton
- Balloons by Claude Bolton
- Free-Wheeling Willy by Tom Brown
- Tom Brown
- Cymbals the Clown by Will Hayden
- Up, Up and Away by Randy Landen
- Buggin’ Out by Randy Landen
- The Riff and Raff Brothers by W. “Pete” LeClair
- Pete LeClair
- Toots by W. “Pete” LeClair
- The Human Cannonball by Keith Morrill
- Twinkle Toes by Keith Morrill
- Keith Merrill
- Clown on a Unicycle by Dave Rasmussen
- The Circus Ambulance by Pete Ortel
- Pete Ortel
- Clownin’ Around by Doug Raine
- Doug Raine
- Free Ride by Cleve Taylor
Circus People
- The Brothers Gnomeaux by Marv Kaisersatt
- Marv Kaisersatt
- Kernel P. Cobb by W. “Pete” LeClair
- Crowd Control by Randy Landen
- Randy Landen
- Dan by Harley Refsal
- Harley Refsal
- The Oornpa Band by Dave Stetson and Harley Schmitgen
- Dave Stetson
- Circus Ringrnaster by Gary Batte
- Tickets Here! by Will Hayden
- Will Hayden
- Reggie Ringlet by Eldon Humphreys
- Best Price by Bob Travis
- Bob Travis
- Cotton Candy by Cleve Taylor
- Cleve “Papa” Taylor
- Arena Sanitation Engineer by Claude Bolton
- Cowboy by Dave Dunham
- Dave Dunham
- The Con Man by Marv Kaisersatt
- The Next Act by Doug Raine
- Scream by Dave Rasmussen
- Frankenstein by Dave Rasmussen
- Dave Rasmussen
- Mr. Tubs and the Little Boy by Tom Brown
Animal Acts
- Dog and Pony Show by Bob Travis
- Dimbo the White Elephant by Desiree Hajny
- The Three Leopardo Brothers by Harold Enlow
- Harold Enlow
- Bazel and Hazel Gazel by Eldon Hurnphreys
- Eldon Humphreys
- The Stetsonious Brothers by Dave Stetson
- Clive Batty by Tex Haase
- Tex Haase
- Bear Acts by Gary Batte
- Gary Batte
- Ronald by Desiree Hajny
- Desiree Hajny
- Balancing Act by Steve Prescott
- Girl on the Flying Trapeze by Dave Dunham
- On the Move by Cleve Taylor
- Princess Teena by Jack Price
- Jack Price
- Look Ma by Steve Prescott
- Steve Prescott
- Going, Going... by Keith Morrill
- ...Gone by Harley Schmitgen
- Upside Down by Keith Morrill
Show Stoppers
- The Knife Thrower by Keith Morrill
- The Tallest Man at the Circus by Harley Schmitgen
- World’s Smallest Man by Harley Schmitgen
- Uncle Sam by Harley Schmitgen