Carving Songbird Ornaments with Power
by Frank C. Russell

215 x 280mm

Published by Schiffer Publishing, West Chester, Pennsylvania USA


ISBN 978-0-7643-3135-0

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Extract from back cover of book:

Learn all the steps necessary to create unique carved wooden Christmas tree ornaments. 132 clear color photos illustrate every step for a songbird project and 23 additional patterns, ranging from an American Goldfinch to a Titmouse that provide new and exciting challenges, including a unique method for attaching the finished songbird to a tree, wreath, or centerpiece. The text provides necessary references for feather parts, types, groupings, and texturing; eye setting or carving; and the tools required to successfully complete these projects. Instruction for painting and sealing the completed ornament is included. Create heirloom decorative songbird ornaments that will pass down through future generations. This book brings challenges for novices and joy for experienced carvers.

Mr. Russell, a Vermont wood carver, is internationally known for his ability to carve birds, animals and the human figure in the round. Considered by many to be one of the nation's more versatile power carvers, he has won numerous awards on both the national and international level.

Photos: Colour



Choice of Carving Woods
Dust Control
Carving Equipment and Accessories
- Flexible Shaft Machine
- Handpieces
- Machine Hanger
- Micro Motor
- Bit Holders
- Woodcarving Bits
- Woodburning Pens and Control Unit

Bird Nomenclature & General Techniques
- Feather Parts
- Feather Types
- Feather Groups
- Feather Layout
- Shaping Individual Feathers
- Feather Texturing Guidelines
- Texturing Hints (Stone or Burner Texturing)
- Feather Texturing with a Stone Bit
- Feather Outlining with a Bent Tip Burner
- Feather Texturing with a Skew Tip Burner

Setting Eyes
- Carving Eyes

Red-breasted Nuthatch Working Drawing

Carving the Nuthatch

Preparation Prior to Painting
- Color Matching
- Painting Equipment and Accessories
- Holding Handle and Base
Surface Preparation
- Sealing
- Applying Gesso

Color Application
- Airbrush
- Manual Brushes
- The Painted Nuthatch
- Finishing Beaks, Eyes, and Feet
- Dull Coating and Protective Finishing
- Attaching a Songbird Ornament

Working Drawings and Carving Photos
- Bluejay
- Bluejay Carved Photos
- Northern Cardinal
- Cardinal Carved Photos
- Cardinal (Juvenile)
- Juvenile Cardinal Carved Photos
- Black-capped Chickadee
- Chickadee Carved Photos
- Tufted Titmouse
- Tufted Titmouse Carved Photos
- American Goldfinch
- Bluebird
Bluebird Fledgling
- Cedar Waxwing
- Chickadee (dropped tail)
- Chickadee (upright or suspended feeding)
- Chickadee (fledgling feeding)
- Chickadee (fledgling sleeping)
- House Wren
- Kinglet Golden-crowned or Ruby Crowned
- Nuthatch, White-breasted
- Tanager
- Tufted Titmouse (Juvenile)