Great Book of Carving Patterns
200 Ideas for Woodcarving Projects
by Lora S. Irish

215 x 275mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing, PA, USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-868-8

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Extract from back cover of book:

If you've been wondering where to find inspiration for your next carving project, look no further! This treasure trove of classic designs from the internationally recognized artist Lora S. Irish is for you. Inside you'll find 200 original patterns that make wonderful subjects for both relief and in-the-round carving.

This comprehensive collection will provide any woodcarving artist with a virtually unlimited design resource. From buffalo to bears, from wood spirits to wild horses, from sailboats to the Statue of Liberty, Ithis wide-ranging collection covers all of today's most popular subjects.

Easy-to-reproduce outline patterns are ready to transfer to your next project. Each pattern can be used individually, in combination with others in the book, or as inspiration for creating new original art.

200 Inspiring Original Designs:
- Patterns for relief carving and in-the-round carving
- Inspiration for artists, painters and illustrators
- Wildlife, wood spirits, birds, fish and flowers
- Folk art, landscapes, nautical and patriotic themes

Line art: Black


Carving Basics

Pattern Set - Country Folk Art

Pattern Set - Floral & Still Life

Pattern Set - Nautical

Pattern Set - Fishing

Pattern Set - Patriotic

Pattern Set - Wood Spirits

Pattern Set - Birds

Pattern Set - Wildlife