Chip Carving Workshop
More Than 200 Ready-to-Use Designs
by Lora S. Irish

215 x 280mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc., East Petersburg PA USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-776-6

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 176

Chip Carving is one of the oldest forms of carving. The designs are based on geometric shapes and few tools are required to produce pieces of great beauty. As its name suggests, this is a practical workbook that offers step-by-step guidance in developing the necessary skills required for successful chip carving.

The first chapter describes preparation of the wood, the transfer of patterns and the basic chip carving techniques.

The species of wood suggested are not easily available in this region, but any specialist craft wood supplier will be able to suggest local equivalents.

On page 10, the author introduces a Practice Project. Those unfamiliar with chip carving may be surprised by its apparent complexity, but it is the nature of this craft that attractive results can be achieved while still a novice.

The project information is comprehensive, including a photo, a full page line drawing, a materials list and 10 pages of well-illustrated instructions.

The second Chapter deals with Simple Layout Ideas, illustrating the value of working with grids and providing numerous examples for use as stand-alone patterns or in combination with other motifs or borders.

The final chapter (which absorbs approximately half of the book), contains a large number of chip carving grids and patterns which can be combined and/or modified to produce new designs.

While the early sections of the book will appeal mainly to the novice, the many chip carving grids should make it equally valuable to those with experience in the craft.

Photos: Colour


Chapter 1 - Basic Chip Carving Techniques
Practice Project

Chapter 2 - Simple Layout Ideas
Nine Patch Layout
Sawtooth Border Layout
Deck of Cards Layout
Spacer Layout
Corner Cropped Grid Layout
Checkerboard Layout
Tulip Layout
Cropped Nine Patch Layout
Double Wedding Rings Layout

Chapter 3 - Chip Carving Grids and Patterns
3 x 3 Grids
4 x 4 Grids
6 x 6 Grids
7 x 7 Grids
8 x 8 Grids
4 x 8 Grids
Border Grids
Fill Patterns
Straight Wall Cut Grids
Miscellaneous Grids
Circular Layouts
Centerpiece Motifs
Original Patterns
Blank Practice Grids