101 Artistic Relief Patterns
for woodcarvers, woodburners & crafters
by Lora S. Irish

215 x 280mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc., East Petersburg PA USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-399-7

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Extract from back cover of book:

These artistic relief-carving designs from acclaimed artist Lora S. Irish allow carvers to create beautiful projects quickly. The small patterns enable easy experimentation with new techniques, tools, and supplies without a large investment of time or materials. So, use a different gouge, try a new finish, or have a go at woodburning. With these small artistic designs, you can discover what you love without worrying about wasted time and money.

This collection of over 101 exquisite patterns enables crafters to try their hand at relief carving, woodburning, tole painting, and other visual crafts. While small in size, each design is large in style and perfect for adorning an endless variety of items such as jewelry boxes, nameplates, house number plaques, wall hangings, trunks, tables, and much more. With landscapes, wildlife, sailing ships, fruit and Aora, architectural scrolls, Celtic-inspired designs, and handsome corner motifs, there's a pattern inside for any project you can imagine.

Photos: Colour


What Can You Make with This Book?
Tool and Supplies You Will Need
Relief Carving the Fruit Crate Apple Step-by-Step

Acorn and Mouse
Airplane-Cloud Jumper
American Indian Chief
American Mustang
Bell Flower
Cattail Goose
Country Barn
Country Church
Deer - Mule
Deer - White-Tailed
Dragon - Eastern
Dragon - Western
Fruit Crate Apple
Fruit Crate Grapes
Fruit Crate Pear
Fruit Crate Pine Cone
Fruit Crate Raspberry
Goldfish Fun
Gone Fishing
Lighthouse - Eastern Inlet
Lighthouse - Western Cove
Lighthouse Pelican
Leaves for Lunch
Lively Flamingo
Lion Square
Lone Wolf
Meadow Rabbit
Meadow's Edge Nest
Mouse in the Kitchen
Oak Leaf Green Man
Oak Man Wood Spirit
Oak Leaf Motif
Open Heart Frame
Quilted Heart
Raccoon - Autumn Pumpkin
Raccoon - Up a Tree
Retro Banty Rooster
Retro Big-Eyed Owl
Retro Bob White Quail
Retro Pheasant
Sailing Ship - Close to Home
Sailing Ship - Into The Wind
Sailing Ship - Sun Rise Sea
Scroll Motif One
Scroll Motif Two
Summer Moonlight
Summer Sunshine
Tufted Tit Mouse
Wheat sheaf

Acorn Corner
American Chief Corner
American Indian Triangles Corner
American Mustang Corner
Bayberry Corner
Beaded Line Corner
Cattail Goose Corner
Classic Shell Corner
Country Barn Corner
Church Corner
Country Mailbox Corner
Curled Leaf-Edge Corner
Curled Wheat Leaves Corner
Deco Triangle Comer
Deer Corner

Feather Corner
Five-Leaf Corner
Five-Petal Corner
Fishing Bobber Corner
Fishing Lure Corner
Flower Vine Corner
Fruit Crate Apple Corner
Fruit Crate Grapes Corner
Fruit Crate Strawberry Corner
Goldfish Fun Corner
Gone Fishing Corner
Grape Tendrils Corner
Hearts and Flowers Corner
Heart Leaves Corner
Leaf Scroll Corner
Lighthouse Corner
Lighthouse Pelican Corner
Lion Square Corner
Log Cabin Corner
Meadow’s Edge Nest Corner
Meadow Rabbit Corner
Mum Corner
Palm Scroll Comer
Raccoon - Autumn Pumpkin Corner
Sailing Ship - Homeward Bound Corner
Scalloped Corner
Simple Scroll Corner
Simple Petal Corner
Split Scroll Line Corner
Sunflower Corner

Appendix 1 - Tools and Materials for Carving

Appendix 2 - Wood for Carvers

Appendix 3 - Relief Carving Skills and Techniques