Carving Realistic Animals with Power
by Frank C. Russell

215 x 280mm

Published by Schiffer Publishing, West Chester, Pennsylvania USA


ISBN 978-0-88740-637-9

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Extract from back cover of book:

Every power tool and technique necessary for capturing the animal kingdom in wood is presented in this thorough and engaging volume. Frank C. Russell provides concise instructions and never-before demonstrated techniques and carving sequences for transforming a block of wood into a life-like animal. 192 full color photographs illustrate every step. Following the philosophy that you can only carve what you know, photographs of living animals accompany each carving sequence.

Nine project plans are provided as well. Plans for a bear, bobcat, bison, fox, horse, rabbit, squirrel, whitetail deer and wolf provide the carver with ample opportunity to apply newly discovered techniques. Color reference photographs accompany the projects.

This book will bring enjoyment and challenges to all carvers, novice and professional alike. It will also guide carvers easily and concisely to finished works of art of which they may be proud.

Photos: Colour



Workplace Considerations
Physical Safety

Tools & Accessories
- Power Tools
- Carving Bits
- Power Tool Accessories
- Make Your Own Accessories
- Manual Tools
- Glues & Fillers

Carving Techniques
- Strokes Variations
- Mental Requirements
- Skill, Knowledge & Desire

Animal Carving
- Project Sequence
- The Head & Body
- Eyes & Ears
- Noses & Nostrils
- Mouths & Teeth
- Legs, Hooves, Paws, & Claws
- Carving & Texturing Hair
- Antlers & Horns

Project Plans
- Bear
- Bobcat
- Bison
- Fox
- Horse
- Squirrel
- Whitetail Deer
- Wolf