Wildlife Carving in Relief
Carving Techniques and Patterns
by Lora S. Irish

215 x 280mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc., East Petersburg PA USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-448-2

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Buffalo Portrait


Extract from back cover of book:

Imagine the beauty of a deer running through the forest, a buffalo standing on a prairie at sunset, or a mallard drake winging through the cattails all stunningly carved in wood less than two inches thick. This is the art of wildlife relief carving, where elegant portraits of animals and birds are brought to life with carving techniques that are easy to master and applicable to any type of woodcarving you choose to do.

Join renowned carver Lora S. Irish at her workbench as she shares a wealth of expert carving information to guide you through all of the steps that transform an original pattern into a realistic and superbly finished carving that can be proudly displayed in your home.

Inside this revised and expanded second edition, you'll find:
- New patterns and a stunning gallery of wildlife reference photos
- Realistic patterns presented in both outline and pencil illustration
- Instruction on selecting woods, tools, and finishes
- Essential tips for mastering the basics of relief carving
- Special techniques for creating facial features, fur, and feathers
- A comparison of relief carving styIes, including low, high, stylized, and realistic

With 39 dramatic wildlife patterns to choose from, and an abundance of carving styles to explore, the variety of beautiful relief carvings you can create with this book is practically limitless.

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What You Can Learn From This Book

Chapter One: Relief Carving Basics
- Relief Carving Patterns
- Relief Carving Woods
- Transferring the Pattern
- Carving Tools
- Basic Carving Cuts

Chapter Two: Advanced Techniques
- Relief Carving Styles
- Creating Shadows

Chapter Three: Special Techniques for Wildlife Facial Features
- Facial Features
- Fur and Hair Texture
- Feathers

Chapter Four: Carving the Buffalo Portrait
- Pattern: Buffalo Portrait
- Getting Started
- Step-by-Step Tutorial

Chapter Five: Finishing Touches
- Woodburning
- Danish Oil Finish
- Wood Stain
- Dry Brushing

Chapter Six: Patterns and Illustrations

Animal Portraits
- Antique-style Buck
- Buck Portrait
- Elk Portrait
- Grizzly Portrait
- Moose Portrait
- Mountain Goat Portrait
- Mountain Lion Portrait
- Native Spirit
- Pronghorn Portrait
- Ram Portrait
- Red Fox Portrait
- Wild Spirits
- Wolf Portrait

- Fighting Rams
- High Point Ridge
- Howling Bluff
- In Full Display
- King of the Plains
- Lookout Post
- Mischief Makers
- Poised for Action
- Prairie Sunset
- Ready to Strike
- Red Fox Resting
- Rising Drake
- Salmon Fishin
- Slippery Footing
- Watchful Eyes

Mantel Patterns
- Autumn Challenge
- Fighting Bucks
- Fighting Elk
- Fresh Water Fishing
- No Vacancies
- Nut Hunt
- Spirit Totem
- Standing Firm
- The Great Escape
- Woodland Gathering

Appendix A: Quick Glossar
Appendix B: Wildlife Reference Photos