90 Patterns for Dog Carvers
with Tom Wolfe

215 x 280mm

Published by Schiffer Publishing, West Chester, Pennsylvania USA


ISBN 0-7643-0098-9

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Extract from back cover of book:

Dogs are a favourite subject of carvers everywhere. Sometimes they are shown as companions of the human subject in a carving and sometimes they stand by themselves. Whatever your carving needs, this treasury of Tom Wolfe's dog patterns will be a valued tool. In his long and creative career as a woodcarver, Tom Wolfe has created literally hundreds of dog patterns. 90 of the best of these is offered here for the first time in print.

Clear line drawings of a variety of dogs will give carvers all they need to produce wonderful creations. The breeds covered include everything from poodles to coon dogs, and dachshunds to terriers.

Photos: Colour



Jack Russell Terrier (front cover)
The Roadside Shuffle
Yoohiee! Find them, boy!
Too Poor
Knows He's Shame
Big Boy
Pup at Play
Another Pup at Play
Terry; Nosey
Nose in theWind; Stand on His Ear
Great Dane
Snuff; Sniff
Scotty; Spike; Pointer
Sitting Lab; Beagle
Poodle Dog; Spaniel; Bad Dog
Stump Hound
Door Stop
Large Dog by the name of Donuten
Staying on the Porch; Struttin' His Stuff; Gimme, Gimme
Good Girl
Chihuahua; Weiner Pup
Bird Brain
Rottweiler; Setter
Junk Yard Dogs
Fast Track Freddy the Greyhound
Gotten Up a Tree
Miniature Pinscher
West Highland Terrier; Samoyed
Fox Terrier
St. Bernard
Newfoundland; Terrier
Any Day Now
Cocker; Spaniel
English Bull
Boxer; Spike, Back Street Boss
Great Pyrenees
Blackie; Schnauzer; Hound
Bird Dog
English Pit Bull
The Clown
Answers to the name "Lucky Puppy"; Doberman Pinscher
Yorkshire; Shih Tzu; Dandy Denmont Terrier
Silky Terrier
Shorty; Fat Boy; Belly Ruben Bassett; Pekingese
Big Cool
Vizsla Pointer; That Dog Won't Hunt
Lazy; Been There, Didn't Like It
Siberian Husky
Country Sooner; Mountain Curr
Mountain Feists
"The Pack," Running Fox Hounds