Carving Realistic Faces with Power
by Frank C. Russell

210 x 275mm

Published by Schiffer Publishing, West Chester, Pennsylvania USA


ISBN 0-88740-486-3

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Extract from back cover of book:

Finally, a book for power carvers by a power carver! Learn to carve realistic facial features with confidence and ease. Follow the concisely illustrated, step-by-step direction for carving all of the features found on the human head.

Award winning carver/teacher Frank C Russell guides you through the intricacies of carving the human face. His presentation is structured to offer a wealth of information, methods and techniques to the seasoned and the beginning wood carver alike. Disciplines and guidelines pertaining to facial layout and proportion, as well as close-up photographic sequences, are coupled with techniques using power carving tools never before shown in print. Ten projects and plans allow the carver ample opportunity to apply and master the methods presented.

Mr. Russell, a Vermont wood carver, is internationally known for his ability to carve birds, animals and the human figure in the round. Considered by many to be one of the nation's more versatile power carvers, he has won numerous awards on both the national and international level.

Photos: Colour



Why Power Carving?
Choosing a Power Carving Machine
Power Carving Machinery
Power Carving Accessories
Manual Carving Tools
Power Carving Techniques

Carving Features
Practice Blocks
Carving the Nose
- Nose nomenclature and axioms
- Nose carving sequence
Carving the Eye
- Eye nomenclature and axioms
- Eye carving sequence
Carving the Mouth
- Mouth nomenclature and axioms
- Mouth carving sequence
Carving the Ear
- Ear nomenclature and axioms
- Ear carving sequence
Feature Reference File
Humps and Hollows

Shaping and Texturing Hair
Maturity and Aging
Male/Female Comparison
Carving the Face
- Axioms for the Head
- Head and Facial Layout
- Face-carving sequence
How to Develop an Original
- Dissimulation - a lesson in cheating

Feature Bust Carving Projects
The Sage
The Old Timer
The Spinster
The Country Girl
The Baseball Player

Project Plans
The Woodsman
The Civl War Soldier
The Warrior
The Plains Chief
The Viking